Thursday, July 6, 2017


I am writing an information report
about Chile. The capital city is Santiago they have 17.95 million people.

In there island theres  mostly mountains around Chile and it is mostly cloudy for the weather .

Chile has lots of famous people like Augusto Pinochet/Publo Nerudoa/Salvador Allende/Isabel Allende and Gabrida.

The thing they like doing is fishing and there Government is a unitary state.The courntries that are next to Chile are Bolivia, Paraguay and Argentina.

They have festivals, patriotic festivals. For there holidays and traditions.They eat meat beef and chicken.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Me and my group done string art for our prep our name was awesome 5 prep is a thing that we do and you got a make your own product.Then 
we go up to the hall and sell our product that we made.But we don't buy the product with real money we only pay with fake money that was called D.P.S money.

Monday, April 10, 2017

amazing game


                                                      tennis game
On Friday we went to are real tennis game.It was 
Newzealand vs Korean it was very interesting
they were very awesome at playing tennis it was called the Davis cup the Koreas team won 
the first round and Newzealand won the second round I voted for korea.They both had good skills to get there you would hafto go on the motoway  because it was in the city.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017



Hi my name is Lathaneal I am 10 and I am turning 11 this janurary. I am a year 6 and I go to Dawson Primary in room 18. I have 12 freinds and all there names is Breezyn, Alexsio, Tevita, 
Andrew, Chevy, Mosese, Tim, Feagai, Adrian, 
Mercedes, Rico and jayden and that is all my freinds and together we all make good freinds. My favorite sport is Touch, Soccer and Basketball
Because it's very cool to play at morning tea and lunch time.